A sophisticated PBX system is often perceived to be best only for more significant business, leaving small and medium enterprises with a limited selection, which often cannot meet all their requirements. Yeastar’s telephony systems aim to provide flexible and scalable solutions with IP phones that are reliable and cost-effective to use. So, if you are running a small or medium-sized business, you may want to consider a Yeastar IP phone in Dubai and get in touch with an authorized dealer who can provide the right devices.

About Yeastar

Yeastar phone systems are known for their simplicity. Despite that, they are feature-rich and ensure a consistent experience across every application. Their product range includes cordless handsets, desk phones, and easy-to-use IP phones, which can be networked and easily implemented. That makes discerning businesses choose Yeastar IP phone systems in Dubai. The company also has mobility solutions, which will allow your team to communicate, even while on-the-go. This way, productivity can be enhanced while reducing costs in the long run.

Why Yeastar IP phones

The Yeastar IP phone systems in Dubai can provide your business with a low-cost and streamlined means to communicate. They can easily be scaled to your organization’s size securely and easily to meet the changing needs of your business. IP phone systems are flexible, and they support unified communication needs. Moreover, they are future-proof, so you do not have to worry about upgrading devices every after a few years.

IP PBX systems are among those you can consider if you need a flexible module, which can support up to 25 conversations and a licensed capacity of up to 100 because of the number of interface modules that come with them. Some solutions can be configured to have up to eight modules with different functions, and they can be used as FXO/FXS, GSM interfaces, and other applications. The PBX of the Yeastar IP phone in Dubai is managed using a web interface.