Working from home does not mean that you have to be less productive than you are in the office. When you find the right telephone system for your home office, you should still be able to boost your productivity, save time, and fulfill your daily work responsibilities with ease. A quick search online can help you discover all the devices you can consider for your home, but going through all of them and comparing every product with one another could be time-consuming. So, here are some tips to help you speed up your search:

  • Choose a versatile, cost-effective business-friendly system – Look for phones that are known as reliable sales and marketing communications platforms. An IP phone could be a great choice, particularly one from NEC, one of the well-known brands for reliable IP phone systems that can be configured to suit your specific business communication requirements.
  • Find a reliable service provider – Look up a reputable PBX installation service with extensive experience in providing the NEC telephone system to businesses in Dubai. They can configure and tailor the system to suit your work-from-home setup. They also have access to cutting-edge NEC products, like the SL2100.
  • Look for essential features – A good telephone system for your home office should support your organization’s objective to provide positive customer experiences and a great level of service every time. So, it should make you readily available no matter where you choose to work. NEC SL2100 is a good choice because it is VoIP enabled to eliminate the need to install new telephone lines, and it comes with a web-based unified communication client.

NEC telephone system is also known for having built-in features like unified messaging, auto-attendant, collaboration and video conferencing, remote extension, mobility, audio conferencing, and music on hold. The SL2100 also has built-in security apps to keep protecting the business from malicious attacks and fraudulent actions.