Samsung Telephone System Dubai

Communication is the key to do business in most effective way. Which means keeping your business enterprise connected with the right phone system is essential.

A business phone system is an advanced calling network designed to improve communications for organizations of any size. Be it a small business or a large enterprise, phone systems no longer serve as a tool for simply making and receiving calls. Today’s unified communications systems allow employees to communicate by phone, video, and text, which is giving businesses the flexibility to connect with customers and clients in any way they prefer.

With dozens of options to choose from, finding the Telephone System that is appropriate for your business can be a difficult task. Your choice really depends on your needs and what your office space can accommodate but some of the important features taken into consideration while making this decision are Multiple lines, Visual Voicemail, Automated features, Conference calling, On-hold music or messages and Hunt Groups.

Recent years have witnessed a drastic development in the communication sector particularly with the introduction of VoIP technology. Upgrading to VoIP based systems not only helps enterprises to keep pace with the growing business but also enables them to accommodate more users and maintain a strong relationship with the customers and vendors. For these reasons companies are investing in advanced telephone systems (IP-PBX) to enhance productivity and profitability.

Samsung, being a global dominator of communication and IT tech lies at the forefront of convergent technologies. Combined with the latest technologies and advanced calling features, Samsung IP PBX has the capacity to satisfy the communication needs in a greater way.

PABX System Dubai has expertise in delivering Samsung Telephone Systems in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Known for its quality, reliability, innovation and value, PABX System Dubai makes sure that you take full advantage of its business potential by implementing Samsung Products and Solutions in your business.

PABX System Dubai | PBX Installation in Dubai | PABX System Installation 2024
PABX System Dubai | PBX Installation in Dubai | PABX System Installation 2024

• Why Choose Samsung?
• When it comes to technology, flexibility, ease of use, and capacity then Samsung Telephone System is considered to be an ideal phone system for your business. It offers useful features such as
• Wi-Fi for wireless Voice.
• Affordable IP Trunks.
• SIP Connectivity.
• Compatible with PC and Telephony Integration.
• IP Extension for Remote Workers.
• Uniform Call Distribution with SIP Connectivity.
• Voicemail and Email Integration

Key benefits of using Samsung Telephone System
• Employees are better connected and hence more productive
• Operators and supervisors can monitor and help a dispersed virtual team with
• multi-site applications
• Install and manage remote sites without leaving your office and save money.
• Enables you to listen the voice mail from the handset
• Able to send the voicemail to your email account
• Record conversations with a simple click of a button

Samsung Business Phone System Dubai

Samsung Business Telephone Systems are fast and cost effective, allowing you to share data, fax, voice and video over one IP network, whilst at the same time connecting with your computer’s applications and systems.

Samsung Office Serv 7000 IP PBX series offer a solid platform that supports all your business communication needs. It is a great solution for all size of business environments.

Samsung Office Serv 7100

Ideal for more than 56 extensions, this is the perfect example of flexibility combined with responsiveness. The Office Serve 7100 gives small business a competitive edge. With its high-end technology, this communication solution shows support for quality communication and collaboration.

Aside from providing quality communication solutions, the 7100 is quite affordable for small business. Yes, now even small companies can affordable, sophisticated communication technology only enjoyed by large enterprises.

• Wi-Fi for wireless Voice
• Affordable IP Trunks
• SIP Connectivity
• Compatible with PC and Telephony Integration
• IP Extension for Remote Workers
• Uniform Call Distribution with SIP Connectivity
• Voicemail and Email Integration

PABX System Dubai | PBX Installation in Dubai | PABX System Installation 2024
PABX System Dubai | PBX Installation in Dubai | PABX System Installation 2024


Samsung Office Serv 7200

The next generation of IP platform is the Office Serv 7200, providing IP based wired and wireless solution for voice and data communication. Businesses can use Office Serv 7200 to build sophisticated telephony applications, secure data-communications infrastructure and policy-driven networks. Office Serv 7200 can simultaneously support both traditional voice communication, voice over IP (VoIP) based data communication, and wireless solutions through Wireless LAN, and offers an effective, affordable solution for any organization.

Samsung Office Serv 7400
The Office Serv 7400 supports traditional communication with VoIP, IP-based data transfer, and Wireless LAN. Now Enjoy Advanced Data Networking with QoS stability to increase your data traffic. The Office Serv comes with improved communication systems to help you handle the increased voice and data traffic of IP telecommunications for your small to medium business as these support Gigabit Ethernet with Layer 2/3 LAN Switching.

The security of your communication is always a priority, and that’s why Samsung provides you Interface Modules integrated with Firewall, VPN, and even IDS to help applying the security policy against any intrusions. Now free yourself from confines of your office and embrace a cost- effective quality communication solution.

PABX System Dubai is quality conscious and delivers reliable Business Telephone Systems for all sized home and businesses and also, we have the best VoIP products available. So, whenever you need a new Telephone System and reliable, cost-effective VoIP phones, contact the experts in this field.