Not having a PBX system or using an outdated one may seem beneficial. It can make you think that you are saving money and time when you handle all business communication the traditional way: manually. However, it can have a bad impact on your productivity and the reputation of your organization. Yeastar can bring a high-quality private branch exchange service to your organization and enhance the way you work. Yeastar PBX in Dubai is a great choice if you are looking for a versatile, user-friendly, and cost-effective platform for a medium-sized organization.

Yeastar PBX is an affordable alternative to other PBX phone systems available in Dubai. It provides a hybrid IP PBX solution implemented as a ready-to-use platform to connect analog telephones and telephony operators using interchangeable interface modules. It comes with advanced features as standard. The configuration is straightforward, so it is easy to install and setup without causing much disruption. Because it is scalable and versatile, changes and optimization can easily be conducted down the line to suit your organization’s growing or evolving business communication processes and requirements.

It is easy to invest in a Yeastar PBX system as it does not have any ongoing license costs to keep up up-to-date and running in good condition. The cost of ownership is lower compared to regular hosted VoIP and legacy ISDN platforms. Remote extensions are easy and cheap to install for branch offices and home offices. Managing the PBX is simplified as it can be done through Yeastar’s web interface. You can connect it to a telephony provider using E1, GSM, or SIP protocol. Analog lines are also supported should you need to install interface modules with FXO ports.

Yeastar PBX could be the answer to resolving the issues that are negatively affecting your business communication. Reputable PBX installers and service providers in Dubai can identify your organization’s requirements and recommend the right Yeastar devices and systems to increase your productivity, reduce costs, and save time.