PABX or private automatic branch has been a reliable type of business phone system exchange for decades. Are you considering PABX installation for your company? The following information explains how you can fully utilize a PABX system and its many benefits.

What is PABX? 

Simply put, a PABX system is designed for easier management of incoming and outgoing phone calls and internal communication within a company. It connects multiple devices to create a unified communication system, including telephone adapters, routers, and switches. An IP PABX system also connects to VoIP phones.

What are the functions of PABX?

A modern PABX phone system can manage internal and external communication differently using various features and applications, including multiple call support, call forwarding, attended transfer, digital receptionist, voicemail, call recording, and custom prompts. PABX can also support business collaboration. Some IP telephone systems allow conference calls and video calls. Thanks to such features, communication within the organization are simpler, clearer, and thus more effective.

What are the benefits of PABX installation to your business? 

Centralized control

With a PBX phone system, you can make your business accessible through only one number. That means all the clients and customers calling your company will only be contacting one number instead of individual numbers. This streamlines communication and gives you centralized control.

Better customer service 

PABX installation can improve your customer service by handling multiple calls at the same time. The phone system allows your team to accept calls, accommodate customers’ needs, and even make outgoing calls. Using an auto-attendant feature, you can immediately connect callers to the right person or department in your company. Another useful feature that will boost your customer service is ‘call routing,’ which automatically forwards a call to another member if the key person is not available. This ensures that no calls go unanswered.

Cost monitoring 

PABX phone systems keep logs of internal and external calls. The reporting function is beneficial in reassessing telephone allocation in your organization. It will determine the departments that are fielding more calls and the ones that hardly receive calls.