Yeastar PBX is a phone system that leverages cloud technology, offering an agile and affordable communications solutions for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. In any type of business, communication is an essential cornerstone. Embracing innovative solutions such as Yeastar IP phone in Dubai is one way to bring your business ahead and stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Cloud phone systems like Yeastar PBX are hosted VoIP phone systems, accessible via a cloud-based network. The internet serves as its major as their major delivery route, while management remains offsite, cutting down the high upfront cost of telecommunications infrastructure investment. These types of phone systems make set up and deployment easy and take the burden of high IT overheads off the hands of businesses. This subscription-based service model enables you to purchase robust phone services via a service provider.

With a Yeastar IP phone in Dubai, you can take advantage of a long list of incredible features and functionalities, starting with IVR or interactive voice response. This particular feature helps users save time and energy when it comes to providing customers a smooth client support experience. It enables personalized prompts, which helps route incoming calls properly to the customers’ desired destination. Yeastar PBX even features AutoCLIP routes, which allows calls to be routed directly to an original caller’s extension, which enables customers to pick-up where they left off from their previous conversation with a particular representative.

Yeastar also enables effective unified messaging so users can receive fax and voicemail, emails, and other requests in a single mailbox—all without having to log into different, disparate portals. Other beneficial features that the Yeastar PBX system offers include user permissions, call queuing, SIP forming, and many other functionalities that are designed to work to the advantage of smart businesses looking for innovative ways to improve their service.